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The Resurrection and the Willow

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This web page is being created to assist Eastern Christians, i.e., the Orthodox and the Greek or Byzantine Catholics of the Byzantine/Slavic liturgical tradition to learn more about the origins and meaning of their traditions and religious customs which derive from and support important doctrines as applied to the events leading up to and accompanying the Holy Resurrection. It is not intended as a theological treatise, but more as a folkloric study with theological implications. The Glorious Resurrection of Our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ, is the primary event celebrated throughout the Byzantine Divine Liturgy and in the traditions of the Eastern Christians and is accompanied by many traditions from the ancient past in support thereof. The scope of inquiry will begin with Christ's triumphant entry into Jerusalem celebrated in the Western Church as Palm Sunday, but known in the East as Flowery Sunday (Kvetna Nediliya) or as Willow Sunday (Verbna Nediliya) and will end with the Great Day (Veliki Den) also known as Paskha or Easter. Eventually a complete bibliography of sources will be attached to assist others in researching the matter.

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